The Essentials of Online Coaching

Whether you're already coaching online or you've been toying with the idea of moving your coaching business online and managing clients from around the world - It's not as easy as you thought!  You want to grow and you want to make sure that if you do it - you do it right from the beginning. Your clients deserve the best coach possible - and that's you.

The Essentials of Online Coaching will provide you with the skills, tools, and resources to ensure your in-person coaching success translates online around the globe. 

It's time - get started today.


Get Certified

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for both NSCA  and NASM.

On Your Own Time

Learn on your own time with easy-to-follow lectures and evaluations, PLUS join an interactive community of like minded coaches.

A Cut Above

Learn industry best practices for online coaching that are immediately actionable with complete access to your instructors.

Meet your new Coach -

Dr. Dave Osborn

Let's face it, you've developed a flourishing in-person coaching business, but transitioning it online doesn't seem so easy. How do I manage clients who I can't see in person? How do I build strong coach-athlete relationships? What do I do to ensure client buy-in and adherence to programming? How do I manage communication, check-ins, consults, programming delivery, and genuinely coach my clients online?

Learn to setup a successful coaching practice online with the latest methods taught by Dr. Dave Osborn.

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- 5 Nutrition Tracking Templates
- 2 Client Training Tracking Templates
- Business and Personal Finance Templates
- Sales Funnel Tracking Template
- Access to Private Coaches-only CCU Discord
- Access to Private CCU Community Site

Create your very own online coaching business

Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques to taking a successful in-person coaching practice and putting it online. Create easy-to-manage processes, learn to create a global online business, how to promote yourself while remaining authentic and true to yourself, and much more. 

After this course you will be able to set up, run and manage your own online coaching business, expanding your reach from your local community to the global community.


Take your coaching practice to a whole new level around the globe over night.