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Meet the Coaches

Head Coaches Paul Oneid and Tony Montgomery Jr created the curriculum at CCU with more than 30 years combined experience in the industry and advanced degrees in its study. They developed CCU to bring their knowledge and passion for research and teaching to the coaching community-at-large. Through CCU, Paul and Tony provide an asset to coaches for continued education, as well as facilitate the growth of athletes and clients by way of highly educated, passionate, supported coaches.

About Us


Coaches Corner U builds the best coaches in the industry.

University-level courses cover myriad topics from training and nutrition to business development and the psychology of the athlete. Presentations are given through video lecture, powerpoint visuals, audio-only clip options (for education on the go!) and periodic skills tests to gauge your comprehension.

Check out the podcast for additional bonus content featuring in-depth discussion with industry experts.

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Curriculum Pillars

Coaches Corner U follows six primary tracks providing foundational and in-depth knowledge across all facets of training. Suitable for beginner and tenured coaches.

Human Movement

Detailed lecture on upper and lower body mechanics, physiology, core training, injury prevention and more.


Programming + Periodization

Programming for strength, hypertrophy, and strength and conditioning, as well as programming theory lessons.


Nutrition + Supplementation

Everything you need to know about proper fueling for performance in nutrition, supplementation and biochemistry.


Fitness Business

Focus on the business side of the fitness industry. Procedures, processes and paperwork to set yourself up for success.


Psychology + Communication

Explore psychological issues and impacts commonly found in athletes and coaches.



Discuss the latest research findings in exercise science and what they mean for practical applications.



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