All-Time World Records, Major Depression and Courage - Chad Aichs

In this episode, Paul is joined by Chad Aichs.  Chad is a former all-time world record holding powerlifter, coach, mental health advocate and owner of Courage Barbell.

They discuss:

  • Did you get as strong as you could?
  • Finding the right program for you
  • Mentality around goals and sacrifice
  • Attitude and motivation - lifting happy
  • Why are you training?

… and a whole lot of lifting stories!

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IG - @chadaichs 

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Chad Aichs is a former world-class powerlifter. He owns Courage Barbell. Having a late start in powerlifting at the age of 27, he rose to be one of the top powerlifters of his day. Chad put up many world-record lifts in amateur and professional powerlifting. At one time, he held the fourth-highest total in history, the highest full meet bench in history, and the fourth-highest squat in history. Chad had a training style that went against the norm, as he was not constrained by the theories that were most popular in the industry.   


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