High Performance Coaching: Colin Masterson

In this episode, Paul sits down with Colin Masterson.  Colin is a former Strength and Conditioning Coach at Villanova University and made the move to the private sector as a high performance trainer, as the Owner of CM1 Performance.  

They discuss:

  • Colin’s transition from the collegiate world to the private sector
  • The limitations of working within the NCAA system
  • Challenges and opportunities of self-employment
  • The difference between high performance and personal training
  • The process of starting and scaling a hybrid in-person and online coaching business

Find Colin:

IG - @CM1performance 

Website - https://cm1performance.com/


Colin Masterson, former Division 1 collegiate strength coach, now owner of CM1 Performance.

Colin started CM1 back in 2022 working with youth athletics and personal clients in the

Philadelphia region. Recently Colin moved to NYC where he plans to level up his business

working with the highest performers in the world. At the same time Colin partnered up with

Danielle Raniolo, his now business partner, and they plan to become the premier wellness

program for corporate teams. In his spare time Colin enjoys coffee, learning from industry

leaders and training for fitness competitions. His upcoming race this summer is Ironman Lake

Placid, July 2024


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