CCU Q&A with Dave Osborn

Our first Q&A Episode!

Paul sits down with Dave Osborn, Head Coach and Owner of Osborn Performance Systems.  Dave is also the Co-Instructor on the CCU Essentials of Online Coaching course with Paul.

They answer the questions:

  • What is something you believed in when you started coaching, but do not believe in now?
  • What are some important metrics to track with your nutrition, aside from just macros?
  • What do notice is different about working with a coach and being a coach?
  • What is the best way to set up for the sumo deadlift?
  • How do you assess progress within a training program? How often? How do you use it?
  • How does peaking change when travel comes into play?
  • What do you think about coaches who aren’t strong, never have been strong and never will be strong, coaching powerlifters?

… Along with a ton of banter between the two guys.

Find Dave:

Instagram: @drdaveatops



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