Autism Fitness - Eric Chessen

In this episode, Paul sits down with Eric Chessen, Owner and Head Coach at Autism Fitness. Eric specializes in coaching and training neurodivergent populations and has made it his mission to spread the word about the importance of physical activity and health for this population.  He educates and certifies other coaches with his Autism Fitness Certification and is working to create systemic change.

They discuss:

  • Eric’s path
  • The importance of physical activity for neurodivergent populations
  • The barriers specific to his target population
  • Common misconceptions about learning disabilities and fitness
  • Creating systemic change

And more…

Find Eric:

IG - @autismfitness


Eric Chessen, MS, is the Founder of Autism Fitness™. An exercise physiologist with an extensive background in behavior support, Eric has spent almost 20 years developing successful fitness and adapted PE programs for the ASD and Neurodiverse population. Eric is the creator of the PAC Profile™ Method, The Autism Fitness™ Certification, and is the Director of Neuroadaptive Programming for Inclusive Fitness. He consults with schools, organizations, and parents worldwide. A near lifelong New Yorker, Eric now resides and works in Charlotte, NC where he lifts heavy things and practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


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