Coaching from the Heart - Curtis Miller

In this episode, Paul sits down with Curtis Miller.  Curtis is the owner and Head Coach of Iron Bound Strength and an elite level powerlifter.  His approach is one that we can all learn from, where the individual is the center of the work they do in and out of the gym.

They discuss:

  • Curtis’s journey from athlete to coach
  • The mindset of the young athlete
  • Creating a sustainable training program
  • The real power of a coach athlete relationship

… and more. 

Find Curtis:


Instagram: @curtismiller_ironbound


Curtis’s Bio:

  • Owner of Ironbound Strength 
  • Specializing in online & in-person coaching for powerlifters, strength athletes, and anyone looking to become their strongest and best version of themselves.
  • Operating out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Born & raised in Denton, Maryland.
  • Bachelor's degree of Exercise Science from Salisbury University.
  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.
  • 15 years as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach.
  • 11 years as a competitive powerlifter.
  • Elite totals in the 198, 220, and 242 classes.
  • Best competition lifts: 804lb squat, 440lb bench press, 782lb deadlift.
  • Best total: 2000lbs (raw w/wraps).


Paul's singular goal is to raise the bar for coaching. He is committed to being the signal through the static of the fitness and health industry. 

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