Changing the Narrative - Fortify Health

In this episode, Paul sits down with Sarah Bishop and Mere Paci, Co-Founders of Fortify Health Coaching.  Sarah and Mere are absolutely mind-blowingly passionate about their mission - to change the narrative.  This mission guides everything they do as coaches and educators within the fitness space.

They discuss:

  • Their journey towards creating Fortify Health Coaching
  • What it means to “change the narrative”
  • How to work with clients through real and lasting change
  • How empathy and compassion are essential to the coaching relationship
  • How to create a mindset of change and accepting accountability

And more!

Find Sarah and Mere:

Instagram - @sarahfordbishop @mere.paci 



Meredith is dedicated to empowering women in their health journeys. Transitioning from Dental Hygiene to full time coaching in 2019, she embarked on a journey of continuous growth. Mentored by leading experts and a Certified Midlife Specialist, she remains committed to ongoing learning.

Having personally confronted significant health challenges, Meredith discovered a profound drive to delve deeper into health and wellness. These experiences ignited a passion to seek knowledge and support, paving the way for her mission to compassionately guide others through their own health journeys.

Her goal extends beyond transformation; it's about empowerment. Meredith stands as a supportive guide, aiding individuals in reshaping their health narratives and nurturing happier lives. Join her as she navigates the multifaceted world of health, fostering empowerment and transformation.


Sarah Bishop holds a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences from the University of South Florida. Her coaching style integrates evidence-based practices along with nurturing the mind and body connection to allow her clients to tap into their full potential. Through her own fitness and health journey and recovery from an eating disorder, she learned the importance of viewing the body and mind as interconnected in wellness. Her coaching emphasizes personalized strategies to enhance health, fitness, and physique goals, taking an empowered approach to helping her clients to make lasting changes.

Since 2019, Sarah has been a full-time coach, and continues her education with ongoing mentorships. She contributed to physique enhancement research and is a co-author on several papers. She is passionate about moving the industry forward and firmly believes in the importance of a foundation of health when it comes to pursuing all fitness goals.

She works with a diverse clientele, focusing not only on physique goals but also on maintaining health and performance while pursuing wellness objectives. Sarah's mission is to elevate overall quality of life and foster bold self-confidence through positive changes and a growth-oriented mindset.


Paul's singular goal is to raise the bar for coaching. He is committed to being the signal through the static of the fitness and health industry. 

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