A Systems Approach to Bodybuilding: Nick Gloff

This week, Paul sits down with Nick Gloff, Bodybuilder, Nerd, Head Coach and Owner of Team Gloff.

Paul and Nick discuss:

- Breaking down bodybuilding and embracing details

- The Team Gloff Exercise Library

- How to establish a runway of progression

- Dealing with pain and exercise prescriptions

- Handling High Output athletes

- Integration vs. Isolation

And more!


Nick, as a coach, a mentor, and a friend, knows that a coach is not the only role a true coach takes in their client’s lives. Clients are people and just as all people do, they run into hard times. Manipulating someone’s meal plan and training might help a client reach their goal in a vacuum if everything were perfect but we don’t live in a perfect world and we are far from perfect people. Nick has stood by his clients from day one to help keep priorities on track and to guide them through their hardest times using the vehicle that training, goal achievement, and self-actualization provides. Coaching is more than just coaching and training is more than just training.

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