For the Love of it All - Nat Galloway

In this episode, Paul interviews Nat Galloway. Nat is a veteran of the British Military, owner and photographer at Galloway Media, owner of Capable Violent Professionals apparel company and a coach with Master Athletic Performance.

Paul and Nat discuss:

- Nat’s journey from military to coaching

- Building multiple businesses

- Trying new things and not being afraid of failure

- Finding what you love and doing more of it

- Surrounding yourself with people who build you up

- Working with beginner clients

- The community of powerlifting

- And more!

Find Nat: IG: @coach_nat_galloway @galloway_media @capable_violent_professionals



Nat is a British Army Veteran with a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their best. During his six-years in the Army, Nat served as a British Army Rifleman. He also instructed and competed internationally in Combat Shooting. Nat began his personal training career while providing strength and conditioning training to the British Army Combat Shooting Team and has since worked with a variety of populations, including current and prospective service members, athletes and everyone in between.

Along with being a full-time coach with M.A.P., Nat is a competitive Powerlifter, Personal Trainer, owner of Galloway Media Photography and Capable Violent Professionals Apparel. Nat’s personal best competitive lifts are: 628lbs squat, 342lbs bench, 600lbs deadlift and a total of 1565lbs. Nat is currently training to achieve top 20 in Canada for his weight class.


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