Scaling the Rehabilitation to the High Output Athlete: Dr. Andrew Lock

In this episode, Paul interviews Dr Andrew Lock, world-renowned Physiotherapist, speaker and the strength rehab professional to many of the world’s biggest athletes and their coaches. He has created many unique, successful rehabilitation protocols that are recognised globally.

Paul and Dr. Lock discuss:

- Dr. Lock’s education and influences

- United Health Education

- Online remote practice 

- Developing a definition for injury prevention

- His unique take on spinal health and hygiene

- The Lock-5

- Biomechanics and its role in strength training and rehabilitation

- Scaling rehab interventions towards the high output athlete

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After graduating from La Trobe University in 1994 as a Physiotherapist, Andrew began working with Sports Medicine Victoria alongside leading shoulder specialist surgeons, medical professionals and being involved in clinical research. Here, his unique approach to strength and shoulder rehabilitation for bench press pain began to form. A pursuit of excellence in spinal care ran parallel to the shoulder work, and he undertook postgraduate education with the McKenzie Institute International.

Moving to the USA in 1995, Andrew was licensed as a Physical Therapist and passed his Credentialing Examination in the McKenzie Spinal Method in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, in 1996. Returning to Australia, Andrew graduated with a Master's Degree from The University of Melbourne in 2004, where his major study was in the resolution of Intervertebral Disc Injuries. He now consults athletes via video in all countries. He has advised and consulted with a diverse range of athletes including members of the Australian Cricket Team, Major League Baseball, Bodybuilders, various football codes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors, MMA, and athletes in all Strength Sports. He also has worked with and taught Law Enforcement and Emergency Services bodies and the Australian Defence Force.

He is the Rehab consultant to many of the world's strongest athletes and their coaches. Andrew is a director of the College of Functional Movement Clinicians, an educational body on movement science and injury assessment that was founded by Australian Neurosurgeon Dr. David Johnson.


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