Food on the Mind: Jeb Stuart Johnston

In this episode, Paul interviews Jeb Stuart Johnston, nutrition coach and owner of Food on the mind.

Paul and Jeb discuss:

- Jeb’s origin story and evolution as a coach

- The involvement of psychology and communication in nutrition coaching

- The intersection of science and the individual

- Valuable tools every coach should have in their toolbox

- Common diet fads, social media and their effect on the landscape of nutrition coaching

And more…

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Based out of New York City, Jeb has spent the past ten years guiding people through their fitness journey as a personal trainer and online nutrition coach. His philosophy is simple but effective: focus on behavior change as the vehicle for transformation. The difference at Food on the Mind, however, is that they are looking to transform your life, not just your body. For far too long the nutrition industry has encouraged this idea that your self worth comes from the outside. That is not only false but it’s damaging. And we are here to change that.

Jeb also applied this through my writing for Muscle & Fitness, PTDC, Men’s Fitness, Business Insider and more. While it’s not been the most popular view, there is starting to be more and more people warming to this idea that real change happens from within.


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