The Modern Meathead: Ben Yanes

On this episode, Paul interviews Ben Yanes, biomechanics nerd and the owner of Modern Meathead.

In this episode, Paul and Ben discuss:

- Ben’s background story

- What is a modern meathead?

- Can you train intelligently and train hard?

- Social media and its role in education

- Dealing with the pitfalls of being in the public eye ... and more!


Ben is a personal trainer and powerlifting coach who began his career in the fitness industry coaching collegiate athletes at Gettysburg College in PA, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences. He specializes in human anatomy and biomechanics, and mentors individuals in learning how the body moves. He currently works with over 40 strength athletes through online coaching and consulting. Additionally, Ben plans to create an online mentorship program to teach advanced biomechanics to individuals worldwide.

Where to find Ben:


Instagram: @ben_yanes



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