Coaching and Being the Hybrid Athlete: Michael Previdsa

In this episode, Paul interviews Mike Previdsa, coach with Master Athletic Performance, former 2x CPU National Champion powerlifter and competitive bodybuilder.

Paul and Mike discuss:

  • Mike’s progression as a coach and athlete
  • The unique challenges that come with pursuing the highest level of performance
  • The competitive athlete lifecycle
  • Becoming a hybrid athlete
  • The Working Athlete and building training and nutrition around your life

… and more!


Michael is a coach, educator and competitive dual athlete in both bodybuilding and powerlifting since 2012. He has over 14 years of training experience and 8 years of coaching experience, from novice fitness enthusiasts to international level strength and physique athletes. Michael holds Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Applied Science from Queen’s University and The University of Toronto respectively and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

Michael has a storied career in the CPU/IPF as an international level powerlifter, competing for Team Canada for over 5 years in both the 83 kg and 93 kg weight classes. He is a 2x Canadian National Champion, North American Gold Medalist, World Championship Bronze Medalist (deadlift) and holds 8 Canadian Records. Michael’s best lifts in competition are a 272.5 kg (601 lbs) squat, 170 kg (375 lbs) bench press and 322.5 kg (711 lbs) deadlift. Michael is shifting his competitive focus back to the bodybuilding stage in 2023.

Michael has a passion for knowledge and sharing that knowledge with his clients. Michael prides himself on having the broad, multi-faceted skill set to guide athletes throughout the various seasons of their fitness journey. For Michael it’s all about working collaboratively within an athlete's constraints- personal, professional and physical- to deliver sustained results.

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