The Humble Coach: Francesco Catalano

This week, Paul interviews Francesco Catalano. Francesco has been a busy man, building a family, transitioning his business to Master Athletic Performance and starting a new venture as a Meet Director with Catalano Events, partnered with his wife Sarah.

In this episode, they discuss:

- Francesco's path as a husband, father and athlete

- What it takes to build and maintain fitness

- How to eat in the real world

- Flexible strategies to fuel yourself appropriately

... and more!


Francesco is a father, husband, coach, and athlete. Having worked with 1000s of clients over the past 9 years, as well as competing in physique sports and powerlifting, he can confidently say he has the experience and passion to help you reach your goals. What sets him apart from others in the industry is that he sees himself as a real person first.

Francesco lives and breathes fitness but also understands what it takes to be a human. He understands that food goes beyond fuel. It’s what brings people together, it’s intertwined with their emotions, memories and so much more. He prides himself on being able to relate and empathize with his clients.

By asking the right questions, getting to know what his clients’ lives are like, and what they may be dealing with, Francesco can find an approach that works best through a collaborative effort.  Regardless of whether your goals are strictly performance, fat loss or composition related; Francesco’s passion, experience and knowledge can get you there.  

To find Francesco:

Instagram: @f_catalano & @catalanoevents



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