The Stoic Bodybuilder - Joe Seeman

In this episode, Paul interviews Joe Seeman, a Canadian IFBB Pro and owner of Little Joe Muscle Co. 

They discuss:

- Joe's origin story

- The mentality of a competitor

- Stoicism

- Creating relationships

- The evolution of athlete and business owner

... and more!


Joe has over 10 years of fitness coaching experience with clients of all fitness levels. He specializes in contest prep coaching for bodybuilding, however he works with many lifestyle clients as well.

He has been an athlete all his life and a competitive bodybuilder for the last 12 years. He earned his IFBB Pro Card in 2019.  As a business owner, he's built up his own online coaching business over the past 9 years and now works with clients all across North America & Europe.

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Instagram: @coachlittlejoe 

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