Episode 11 Mental Health For Athletes with Amanda Rizo And Crystal Miranda

In episode 11 we are joined by Amanda Rizo and Crystal Miranda to talk about the mental health of the athlete. We cover a lot of great topics including training to improve wellbeing, common cognitive distortions, how can a coach help their athletes navigate and to refer out if beyond the scope of the coach. Communication is the key and if you are not focused on improving that as a coach you may be missing the boat of what a coach really is. Subscribe to iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher at Coaches Corner. If you like the podcast leave a review and a 5-star rating on iTunes. Share it with a friend and all over social media. Sponsors: subjectzerosupps.com -Code beyond 10 for discount coachescorneru.com baconandbarbells.co -Code paul10 for discount 1-lifeinc.com