Mike Tuchscherer- Building An Athlete Centered Model Of Training

In episode 16 of Coaches Corner we have on Mike Tuchscherer of Reactive Training Systems to talk about some of his ideas on building a model for training athletes. This conversation talks about RPE training, the old model of periodization, his approach to formulating emerging strategies, and how to be a creative thinker. A ton of great takeaways from this show from someone who has really revolutionized the way we look at strength programming for athletes. Subscribe to iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher at Coaches Corner. If you like the podcast leave a review and a 5-star rating on iTunes. Share it with a friend and all over social media. Sponsors: subjectzerosupps.com -Code beyond 10 for discount coachescorneru.com baconandbarbells.co -Code paul10 for discount 1-lifeinc.com