Leadership, Mental Health, And Sports Performance A Deep Dive Into The CCU Summit Part I

In Episode 22 of Coaches Corner we look at the CCU Summit presentations and take aways. This two part series will allow us to really go into detail about the presentations and what we learned from them. Part I we look at leadership, mental health, and athletic development. If these presentations sound like something you'd like to dive into, go to our website coachescorneru.com to purchase them. Subscribe to iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Stitcher at Coaches Corner. If you like the podcast leave a review and a 5-star rating on iTunes. Share it with a friend and all over social media. Sponsors: subjectzerosupps.com -Code beyond10 for discount coachescorneru.com baconandbarbells.co -Code paul10 for discount 1-lifeinc.com