CCU Coaches Certification Course

This certification course was created for coaches to help optimize and enhance athlete and client management from a 360-degree perspective. Whether you are an experienced coach with years under your belt or a brand-new coach just beginning your career, this certification course will provide you with the tools you need to take your athletes/clients and your practice to the next level. We have curated the latest in sports science research in an effort to bring you the latest useful training methods and techniques and package them in a way that enables you to apply them immediately to your existing coaching strategy.


Coaches Receive

  • 8 Unique Education Modules (+7 hours of content)
  • Weekly Live Q/A with Paul and Tony
  • Access to CCU Platform for 3 months
  • Access to Class/Alumni Discord
  • Extra Module: All Things Business by Laura Zarrate, CPA
  • Extra Module: Energy Systems by Paul Milano
  • 2.0 NSCA CEU’s

Learning Outcomes

  • Create and individualize holistic strength & conditioning programming for athletes/clients
  • Manage athletes/clients to optimize goal achievement and success
  • Manage athletes/clients to mitigate stress, fatigue, and burnout
  • Understand and apply latest scientific training techniques and methods
  • Communicate with athletes/clients to enhance buy-in and retention

Course Syllabus

Julia Anto

Former D1 S&C Coach

I loved the CCU course. The course instructors are knowledgeable and so willing to help and answer questions. The lectures were thorough with lots of info packed in there but what I loved the most was the live labs… basically a live Q&A to talk about the week’s lesson and answer any other questions we may have. Even though I’ve been in the Industry for over two decades, there was always something to learn!  Appreciate Paul and Tony greatly!

Dave Osborne, MS, CSCS

Elite Power Lifting Coach - 2K RAW Total

The Coaches Corner University certification course is an incredible and comprehensive course for coaches looking to expand their knowledge base and provide established evidence based practices to their clients. The mix of lecture and q&a sessions within a week provide not only professionally led instruction time but a chance to gain further insight into the material through the collaborative discussion between instructors and participants. Having participated in countless continuing education courses and seminars throughout the years very few reach this level of in depth content and none provide this much structured time with the actual course instructors. Too often the information we gather from books and videos is disjointed and hard to piece together. Tony and Paul have taken the time to meticulously blend the decades of experience and knowledge they've gained into an expertly structured exercise science and sports nutrition course that you will immediately be able to take and apply to your coaching business. I view the material covered in this course as fundamental to those who say they are serious about being a strength coach.

Lexi Leneau

Head Coach at Rivalry Strength & Performance

As someone who is still young in coaching years, this course was extremely helpful. Outside of the course information itself, the application of info throughout the lectures is what helped me gain understanding. I didn't feel like I was just trying to retain for the sake of the exam at the end, I was able to apply is almost immediately with my clients.