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CCU Podcast - The Mastermind Coach: Justin Kavanaugh
CCU Podcast - The Mastermind Coach: Justin Kavanaugh athletic performance business development client centred coaching coaching coaching community mastermind strength and conditioning Oct 31, 2023

In this episode, Paul sits down with Justin Kavanaugh.  Justin is the CEO of AthleteHQ, Author of the book Man Up, Strength Coach, Mentor and way too many other things to list.

They discuss:

  • How Paul and Kav met
  • Coach Kav’s career path
  • There’s levels to coaching
  • Whether balance...
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New Content: Glute Bridge vs. Barbell Squat coaching community exercise selection lower body research strength training training Aug 17, 2023

New content posted into the CCU Coaching Foundations module.  

Paul discusses the differences, similarities and cross-over between the Glute Bridge and the Barbell Squat.

"In training, the choice between different movements holds benefits depending on the training context. The glute...

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