CCU Podcast - Build Your Gym Culture: Nick Haince coaching gym owner podcast strength and conditioning strength coach Dec 06, 2023



In this episode, Paul sits down with his brother from another mother, Nick Haince.  Nick is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Registered Kinesiologist and Owner of Capital Strength Training Systems in Ottawa, ON.

They discuss:

  • Nick’s journey to this point
  • The...
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Don't Miss This! New "The Essentials of Online Coaching" Course is about to go LIVE coaching coaching your clients education financial planning online coaching running your business social media Nov 13, 2023

We could not be more excited to announce the collaboration between Coaches Corner U, Paul Oneid and Dr. Dave Osborn - The Essentials of Online Coaching."

If you're an online coach, whether you're established or looking to start, this course has it all!

Earn more money, get better results for your...

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CCU Podcast - There is No Off Switch: Luke Miller
CCU Podcast - There is No Off Switch: Luke Miller bodybuilding building your brand coaching diversification education work life balance Nov 08, 2023

In this episode, Paul is joined by Luke Miller.  Luke is the owner and Head Coach of No Switch Fitness and an Educator with J3University.  

They discuss:

  • The business of bodybuilding coaching and his company No Switch Fitness
  • Building your brand
  • Entering the education space
  • ...
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CCU Podcast - The Mastermind Coach: Justin Kavanaugh
CCU Podcast - The Mastermind Coach: Justin Kavanaugh athletic performance business development client centred coaching coaching coaching community mastermind strength and conditioning Oct 31, 2023

In this episode, Paul sits down with Justin Kavanaugh.  Justin is the CEO of AthleteHQ, Author of the book Man Up, Strength Coach, Mentor and way too many other things to list.

They discuss:

  • How Paul and Kav met
  • Coach Kav’s career path
  • There’s levels to coaching
  • Whether balance...
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CCU Podcast - Your Anti-Influencer: Aram Grigorian (4weeks2thebeach)
CCU Podcast - Your Anti-Influencer: Aram Grigorian (4weeks2thebeach) client centred coaching coaching lifestyle nutrition nutrition coaching podcast Oct 24, 2023

On this episode, Paul sits down with Aram Grigorian, better known as 4weeks2thebeach.  Aram is a nutrition coach, host of The Real Coaches Summit and Co-Host of the Other Side Lifestyle Podcast.

This is a different format of podcast, as Paul and Aram have only met once and vibed on a number...

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Intuitive Coaching athlete coaching paralysis by analysis program planning psychology strengths and weaknesses Oct 16, 2023

 Coaching is an art.

There are no two people that do it the same way and there are a lot of tremendously talented coaches out there. The ability to make a plan that is tailored to the athlete and then implement it in a way that demands the individual to put forth their full effort is a...

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Coach's Thoughts - What is Optimal? coach's thoughts coaching nutrition optimal strength training training Oct 11, 2023

I'm using these "Coaches Thoughts" blogs as a means of self-reflection and I absolutely recommend that you all do the same in some capacity.  Getting your thoughts on paper serves as a phenomenal way to organize your brain and work through concepts in a tangible manner, rather than just...

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CCU Podcast - A Systems Approach to Bodybuilding: Nick Gloff bodybuilding coaching exercise prescriptions goal achievement integration vs. isolation training Sep 26, 2023

This week, Paul sits down with Nick Gloff, Bodybuilder, Nerd, Head Coach and Owner of Team Gloff.

Paul and Nick discuss:

  • Breaking down bodybuilding and embracing details
  • The Team Gloff Exercise Library
  • How to establish a runway of progression
  • Dealing with pain and exercise prescriptions
  • Handling...
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CCU Podcast - For the Love of it All: Nat Galloway business development coaching fitness and health powerlifting strength and conditioning strength training training Sep 19, 2023

In this episode, Paul interviews Nat Galloway.  Nat is a veteran of the British Military, owner and photographer at Galloway Media, owner of Capable Violent Professionals apparel company and a coach with Master Athletic Performance.

Paul and Nat discuss:

  • Nat’s journey from military to...
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Considerations for Coaching Young Lifters coaching mental performance strength and conditioning training volume and intensity weight training Sep 14, 2023

“You could make them do anything and they would grow.” 

“He could jerk off in the corner and get stronger.” 

“It doesn’t take a genius to lead a novice to PR’s.”


Coaching young lifters comes with much more responsibility than most...

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Coaches Thoughts - Stop Ignoring Your Blind Spots coaching education exercise performance strength training training Sep 08, 2023

A common thread amongst high performers - Always seek to be proven wrong!

I've been doing the CCU podcast on and off for about 2 years. At first, it was Tony and I and we'd periodically have interview guest on and then now, I have a new guest every week.

I've had the pleasure of speaking with...

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