What is the Highest Purpose of Service?

Feb 21, 2024

The highest purpose of service is serving the highest purpose in others

Let me repeat that… The highest purpose of service is serving the highest purpose in others.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that the best we can do is serve others to be their best.

I mean that the best of us are motivated by serving the best in others.

I have made it my mission to Raise the Bar.  In my marriage, my work, my relationships and my athletic pursuits.  I am on a quest for perpetual personal progression in the pursuit of self mastery.  I also am a huge fan of alliteration as you can see.

I believe that we can all achieve greatness.  Greatness in all things.  I believe that the pursuit of self-mastery is the highest purpose of self and in my quest to raise the bar, I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life to serving that purpose in others.  

I’ve used a number of mediums to accomplish that end.  Nutrition coaching, performance training, business mentorship and also by being an example for others to follow - a product of my product.  Each one of these mediums serves as a vehicle for me to unlock that highest potential in others.

This is my highest pursuit of service.

Now, I’m about to get philosophical, so bear with me.  

I believe that all of our pursuits are inherently selfish and I believe that there is virtue in selfishness.  Unfortunately, selfishness has been incorrectly linked to hedonism.  Which even then is also likely a misappropriation.  Hedonism is, in essence, the pursuit of pleasure.  That seeking pleasure is the highest good.  The distinction must be made that by definition, hedonism does not imply that pleasure comes at the expense of others, or that one must subjugate others in order to achieve it.  Of course, that type of person does exist, but I’m not speaking to that.  That would be sociopathy.

The point I am trying to make is that being selfish - to put one’s own interests first - is virtuous because at the core, when we take care of ourselves, we are able to serve the highest purpose which is serving others.  No one, I repeat no one martyrs themselves.  No one will throw themselves on their own sword in service of others without reward.  Even martyrdom seeks validation through legacy.  To be remembered.  To be admired.  This motivation is selfish… err go, martyrdom does not exist.

We are all serving our own self-interests.

Although I have made it my life’s mission to serve others, to give to others, I derive an enormous level of satisfaction from this pursuit.  This is the legacy that I hope to leave behind.  The legacy of a leader who elevated himself and those around him and served their highest purpose.

Why am I making this point?

My hope is that it causes you to reflect on your own actions, your own pursuits and your own mission in life.  I also hope that you reflect on what you see portrayed publicly and recognize the difference between the pursuit of pleasure at the expense of purpose and the pursuit of pleasure in service of purpose.  

The highest purpose of service is serving the highest purpose in others.

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