Stop Wishing Upon a Star, GO DO THE THING!

Feb 12, 2024

You’re the one in the driver’s seat - Not the universe.

You cannot manifest your way to greatness.  Greatness requires action.  Standing there, staring at your vision board wishing upon a star for the life you want to be living isn’t going to get you anywhere close to where you want to be.

When we think about action, we need to clarify a few things:

  • What you want to do
  • What you’re able to do
  • What you’re willing to do

It’s when all these things are in alignment that we can begin to make some real meaningful progress.  The main roadblock for people is that third point.

What are you willing to do?

We know very clearly what we want… heck you went through the trouble of creating a vision board for god’s sake.  In most case we also know our capacities.  For most people, the goals they set for themselves are within the realm of reality.  Like, even though I love basketball, I’m not going to set a goal to play in the NBA.

But, if I set the goal of losing 20lbs, I know that I am able to improve my diet, do more cardio, get more sleep etc.  I am ABLE to do those things.

Like I said, the roadblock comes when we get to step 3 - what are we willing to do?  The easiest way find dial in on what we’re willing to do is nail down what we’re NOT willing to do.

Here is the conundrum…

Goals require priorities.

Priorities require tradeoffs.  If you prioritize something, you have to deprioritize something else.  Using the example above, if losing 20lbs means you’ll need to get more sleep, but getting more sleep means that you’ll lose the ability to spend an extra hour with your spouse every night.  You have to make a decision to say yes to the sleep and no to being with your partner.

Tradeoffs, when framed in this manner, in turn result in being unbalanced.  You cannot pour into all things all the time.  Goal setting, priorities and the pursuit of greatness all result in being unbalanced in the conventional sense.

You want to be balanced?  Then don’t try to pursue anything great.  Greatness was never achieved by being balanced.

I know you’re probably pretty triggered right now, but now that I said what I said, here is a beautiful reframe that I use with my clients and that I’ve used with myself to get to my current mindset around the subject of balance… YOU define what balance is to YOU.  For you and I they likely mean different things.  Balance also changes at different ages and stages.

I truly believe that we all seek to live a full life.  Which means that balance does have to exist, or else we become too isolated and we alienate ourselves from the world.  The goal of living a full life lends itself to a wide lens through which to look at balance.  It gives us the ability to zoom out beyond your current life situation.

Life exists in seasons and greatness exists in many areas.

The true pursuit of self mastery requires investment into all areas of self, which means that we need to pour into all areas of our lives.  Seeking to live a full life and pursue greatness means that you’ll need to shift priorities over time to nurture different areas of yourself.

When viewed through the lens of self-mastery, greatness must be pursued in all areas, which brings us back to a balanced and full life lived to our highest potential.

But you know what it doesn’t do - prove that you getting down on your knees and worshiping a vision board is going to get you anything other than rug burn.

So, get your priorities in order, align your goals, with your actions and define what you’re willing to do and go out there and do it!


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