New Content: Glute Bridge vs. Barbell Squat

coaching community exercise selection lower body research training Aug 17, 2023

New content posted into the CCU Coaching Foundations module.  

Paul discusses the differences, similarities and cross-over between the Glute Bridge and the Barbell Squat.

"In training, the choice between different movements holds benefits depending on the training context. The glute bridge, while advantageous, faces limitations in dynamic correspondence. Unlike combat sports, other activities rarely involve hip extension without coordinated knee extension, or extension without axial load beyond tackle sports. An individual's execution style and body proportions significantly affect glute involvement in squat patterns. Load vectors during movement are dictated by joint angles and sequencing.

The decision rarely boils down to an either-or situation. A combination of movements in one session can yield optimal results. While squatting is foundational in most athletic training, additional focus on isolated hip extension is warranted when needed. Athletes lacking hip extension can benefit from targeted training. Movements like deadlifts and good mornings engage hip extension but strain the lower back.

Identifying rate-limiting muscles within a pattern is crucial. The glute bridge serves as a squatting pattern regression for injured athletes or when the squatting pattern doesn't engage hip extensors as needed. Overall, a nuanced approach considering context, individual needs, and desired muscle engagement is vital in effective training."

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