MAP Minutes - A Lifetime of Fitness: Susan Oneid

fitness and health fitness practices fitness trends nutrition strength training training Oct 03, 2023

In this new segment of the podcast, MAP Minutes, Paul sits down with the most influential person in his life, his mother Susan Oneid.  Susan is a real estate broker and lead of Oneid Team.  

They discuss:

  • How Susan was initiated into fitness
  • The evolution of fitness across her 40+ years as an active person
  • How training has been a catalyst to living a happy and successful life in all areas
  • The evolution of nutrition and fitness trends and how they impacted her own process
  • What Susan has found to be the best combination of health, nutrition and fitness practices for her over time
  • And more…

Find Susan:

Email - [email protected]

Website - 


Susan has been a lifetime fit person.  She has worked in the fitness field for almost 30 years and has continued to prioritize her health along the way.  She is most proud of sons, whom she has had the pleasure of growing up with! She tries to live each day with intention… Active, joyful, honest and hardworking… She believes that the biggest wins are the ones that are carefully planned and earned over time.


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