Coaches Thoughts - Stop Ignoring Your Blind Spots

Sep 08, 2023

A common thread amongst high performers - Always seek to be proven wrong!

I've been doing the CCU podcast on and off for about 2 years. At first, it was Tony and I and we'd periodically have interview guest on and then now, I have a new guest every week.

I've had the pleasure of speaking with some amazing coaches, athletes and clinicians. All of whom have achieved very high levels of success. The one common trait that has repeated itself on a weekly basis is - they ALL seek to find gaps in their knowledge.

- They all want to know what they don't know

- They all want to be proven wrong

- They all seek out knowledge from other industry leading professionals who do certain things better than them

... or in a more concise way - they humble themselves daily.

This was extremely refreshing for me to hear, as I often feel alone in my inability to take a hard yes/ no stance on anything aside from the fact we probably should drink more water. Context is too important to ignore and everyone's context and desired outcome is different. That being said, without understanding and accepting that there are gaps in my knowledge, I wouldn't be able to take such a nuanced view of the world we live in.

My challenge to you this week is this:

I want you to cultivate opportunities to be proven wrong and I want you to be open to the possibility that you don't have all the answers.

I can guarantee, through this exercise, you'll quickly realize how many right answers there are and you're usually asking the wrong questions.

Stay strong everyone,

Paul Oneid MS MS CSCS

Lead Educator, Coaches Corner University

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