CCU Podcast - Your Anti-Influencer: Aram Grigorian (4weeks2thebeach)

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CCU Podcast - Your Anti-Influencer: Aram Grigorian (4weeks2thebeach)

On this episode, Paul sits down with Aram Grigorian, better known as 4weeks2thebeach.  Aram is a nutrition coach, host of The Real Coaches Summit and Co-Host of the Other Side Lifestyle Podcast.

This is a different format of podcast, as Paul and Aram have only met once and vibed on a number of different topics.  Aram specializes in simplifying the complexities of nutrition for everyone and has some strong opinions on the state of nutrition coaching.

They discuss:

  • Aram’s story
  • Why 4weeks2thebeach?
  • The Real Coaches Summit

Find Aram:


A former finance douche and party boy, Aram came to the hard realization that it wasn't the material things in his life that drove him, but rather the impact that he made on the lives of others in a positive way. He started personal training people after being laid off from his finance job, and 10 years later, has coached hundreds of clients with his belief system of food quality/quantity, training intensity/frequency and rest/recovery. 


He provides food for thought daily on his Instagram page @4weeks2thebeach and he gets clients to release themselves of their limiting beliefs by changing perspective and helping folks see that there are solutions to everything if you want to find them. He offers full service coaching which includes training programs, nutrition programs, and the mindset work required to tie it all together. He co-hosts the Other Side Lifestyle podcast and hosts The Real Coaches Summit, an education based event for coaches and enthusiasts. 


Paul's singular goal is to raise the bar for coaching. He is committed to being the signal through the static of the fitness and health industry. 

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Find him on Instagram: @pauloneid, @coachescorneru, @masterathleticperformance


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