CCU Podcast - School of Hard Knocks: Tyson Desmarais

Dec 28, 2023


In this episode, Paul is joined by Tyson Desmarais.  Tyson is a Coach and Owner of Mind System.  His passion lies in uncovering the stories his clients tell themselves and working with them to break free of their limiting beliefs.

They discuss:

  • Tyson’s story and the evolution of Mind System
  • From training to life
  • Common barriers faced by people in their own lives
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Personal responsibility and accountability
  • Core values and deep work

Find Tyson:

IG - @mindsystemcanada 

Website -


Tyson is a Personal Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Founder of MINDSystem. He takes a client centered approach to address his clients’ mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing. MINDSystem focuses on the individual’s “inner 6-pack” for a deeper sense of purpose and happiness to improve their quality of life.  He builds stronger and more capable human beings.

His new focus is on Survival (life) coaching. His expensive life experience is not theory, it's earned. 


Paul's singular goal is to raise the bar for coaching. He is committed to being the signal through the static of the fitness and health industry. 

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Find him on Instagram: @pauloneid, @coachescorneru, @masterathleticperformance


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